Soft Reminder Dear Parents, Please ensure compliance of corona SOPs by their children as per guideline appended below: SOPs FOR STUDENTS a.         Possession of college identity card. b.         Wearing of medical mask. c.         Do not send your child to college in case of symptoms. d.         Frequent use of hand sanitizer. e.         Entering in two lines on foot marks maintaining 6 feet distancing. f.          Bring eatables & water bottle with them g.         Checking of body temperature with the thermal gun at college entrance gate. h.         Do not share personal items like pencils, rulers and erasers with class mates. j.          Report to teachers if suffering from fever or other flue like symptoms. k.         Hand shaking is not allowed.   SOPs FOR PARENTS a.         Students having symptom i.e fever, flu, cough etc are not to be sent to school. b.         Efforts be made to pick & drop the child by own car/ own transport arrangement. c.         Ensure cleanliness/ hygiene of child. d.         Ensure availability of mask preferably homemade fabric reusable mask for             being cost effective. e.         Provide an extra mask to child. f.          Provide water bottle to each child. g.         Provide lunch box to each child. h.         Arrange pick & drop of students from gate. j.          Cooperate with school management at all levels.   SOPs FOR TRANSPORT a.         Clean and disinfect vans on daily basis. b.         Maintain social distancing among students/ passengers. c.         Ensure wearing of mask and hand gloves by drivers/ staff & students. d.         Ensure ventilation of air by opening all windows. e.         Do not allow any student/passenger with cough and fever. f.          More than 50% occupancy is not be allowed. g          School staff is to ensure that instructions are being followed by school vans.