Principal Message to the Parents of Cambridge Students


Respected Parents,

College has received more guidance from Cambridge through their latest update on 7th of April. You are requested to note down the key points before making decision for your child.

  • CAIE has cancelled the M / J 2020 exam all over the world.
  • The students are given two options

Option 1:

Student can opt for the estimated grades. Cambridge has directed the associated schools to collaborate with them through a four step process to make an evidence based decision about grades.



 Center determines predicted grades for each candidate for each syllabus entered


Determining a rank order of candidates within each grade for each syllabus


Head of center confirms the predicted grades and rank orders. Center sends them to Cambridge International.


Cambridge International carries out a standardization process, combining data from the center with other data, and awards final grades

Teachers will use evidence / professional judgement to predict the grades. Sources which teachers can use as evidence are:

  • Internal Exam Results
  • Previous CAIE results
  • Assignments / Assessments
  • Coursework (Which involves all kind of practice)

In this context the CAIE’s decision for student’s grades will be final. Students and school has the option to make a formal appeal against the decision or the students can also go for the improvement option by re registering for subsequent exam series.

Option 2:

If the student thinks that their performance and the sources mentioned above as evidence does not reflect their true potential or they made drastic improvement in their performance after December 2019 they can opt to withdraw their registration and can re-register for O / N 2020 exam series. They will get credit note against their withdrawal for their registration fee and the same will be used for the registration in O /N 2020 exam series.

 Important Note: The deadline for the withdrawal has been extended. It is 24th April 2020 now. Majority of our students / Parents already have submitted their consent. Their timely response is appreciated. Those who are still in the process of making decision are requested to send their note by 15th April so that we can complete the whole process well in time.


Principal BCI