Important Information Regarding CAIE 2020

In the light of recent update from Cambridge May/June 2020 Exam Series has been cancelled. The candidates have two options :

  1. They can receive estimated grades based on evidence such as their previous CAIE results, performance in school exams and course work. It should be noted that the College can only provide evidence, CAIE’s decision about the grades will be final. As it is all evidence based, college cannot over predict.
  2. If you think the estimated grades will not suit to your child then they can go for withdrawal. In that case they will be re-registered for Oct/Nov 2020 Series. If you want to exercise this option kindly send us note on WhatsApp number 0345-5804715 or you can submit to us through email: . Your consent along with your child’s name, class and contact number should reach us by 6th April 2020.